ARA Return-To-Play Safety Plan

Jun 9, 2020 10:29 AM
ARA Administrator

for phases yellow into green

We thank you for staying committed to ARA as we now have the ability to resume league activities. We have used the phrase “Safe, Organized, and Fun” over these years to describe our programs, and we look forward to that same motto this season...but you will notice these safeguards so that we maintain the safety and well-being of both children and adults.  You will notice reminder signage at each of our entrances. Our coaches have already been made aware of these guidelines and are committed to implementing.  Parents, please reinforce and educate your children about the upcoming guidelines we will use at the fields, including common sense hygiene practices of handwashing and avoiding touching mouth/eyes.

***For Phase YELLOW, due to gathering limits of 25 individuals, ONLY ONE (1) PARENT/GUARDIAN IS ALLOWED TO ATTEND THEIR CHILD’S ACTIVITY PER FIELD. They must accompany their child to the field and affirm #1 below prior to the child engaging in any team activity.  Parent will then distance themselves along the outfield/foul line fence poles [those poles are 10ft width].  

1. Parents will check their child’s temperature for fever [>99.5] and relevant symptoms just prior to driving to the fields.  If your child is showing signs of an illness, refrain from attending the ARA event.  This applies to parents and coaches as well.  Coach will mutually affirm with parent at arrival that the player may participate [#1 is not related to allergy-type issues]

2. Coaches will wear face coverings when in near proximity to players, parents have discretion over their child wearing one.

3. Enclosed dugouts will be limited to 2 coaches and 3 batters [next 3 in batting order].  The remaining batters will utilize both sets of adjacent bleachers, distanced, with remaining coaches distancing those areas.  

4.  Players will not share their own equipment/water bottle/hand sanitizer.  Our instructional divisions will not utilize the catcher’s position this season.  Please contact your child’s coach via the sportssignup app if you are in need of a “loaner” piece of equipment for the season.

5.  Measures will be implemented for disinfecting balls/game equipment/benches throughout the activities as well as routines for sanitizing hands during activities. We are grateful of the donation of our very own Coach Dan Callaghan/Hoffman's Pest for the approved disinfectant products, as he is Licensed in PA to perform virucide treatments in parks and schools. He will film a demo of how to properly spray-mist the equipment and we will share with teams.

6. A “forearm knob” has been installed for the bathhouse and reminder signs for washing w/soap will be posted inside.  Lower Providence Township manages the weekly cleaning of our bathroom facilities.  We will be mounting additional dispensers at various locations of field complex.

7. Spitting/gum/sunflower seeds are prohibited this season

8.  Please utilize our sportssignup app’s rsvp feature to declare your child’s ATTENDANCE for each event.  Participant attendance will be kept on file should a need arise later for contact communication [all privacy laws will apply].

9. We will refrain from usual on-field celebrations such as high fives/fist bumps/handshakes/team huddles … but we will create alternatives with distancing in mind to accomplish the similar intention

10. (When in Phase Green Games) To promote social distancing, bleachers will only be used for the players. Each player’s immediate family is entitled a “10ft fence panel” or similar painted lines of distance, separated by similar distance, to set up your chairs/umbrella/canopy and we will encircle the outfield/foul line fences to cheer loudly for our players during games…In our youngest age divisions, players will "wait their turn" to bat while seated with family in lieu of being distanced in the bleachers.  We are investigating livestreaming options for relatives who may be at-risk to attend and/or otherwise cannot due to capacity limits in phase green.  Furthermore, since we must manage total gathering capacity in both phases, individuals are asked to leave the premises at the end of the activity so we may transition into the next scheduled activity with a built-in buffer.  For this reason, we do not anticipate having our snack bar operational for the near future, but may investigate food trucks as an alternative.  Due to the summer weather, parents are encouraged to bring picnic coolers and extra beverages for their participant while we enjoy the games.

**We all share a role in the implementation of these new measures.  As we are a 100% parent volunteer organization, consider volunteering for #5 (team safety ambassador, a.k.a. Designated-Wiper) so that our coaches can coach and players can play.  Over the course of the season, if you notice something egregiously needs our league’s attention despite speaking with the team DW, calmly reach out to League Safety Ambassador Roberta Greenberg,  

In order for your child to resume participation, an addendum ARA-RETURN-TO-PLAY INFORMED CONSENT WAIVER must be registered. Please visit the top of the ARA homepage "Registration Is Open" banner and register  each participant.  Be sure to continue all the way thru completing the order and you will receive an email confirmation.  Families wishing to unenroll should register your intent at the same website, preferably by Wednesday June 10th.  The tentative plan is to begin practices for our competetive age groups once LP Township restores our field permits [hopefully 6/13 ?].  Due to the 14-day timing of PA reopening phases, coaches will only publish practice schedules in 2 week increments.  Once we have a better idea of timing into green, we will publish our remaining schedule [Phases subject to change from PA/MontCo Dept of Health].  We anticipate our REC season will wrap by the 1st weekend in August.



AERIAL VIEW ARA Safety Plan, Audubon/Pawlings Rds   (*note, dugout capacity updated to allow three (3) players distanced)

Signage at field entry points:  Thank you Mark Greenberg/MinuteMan Royersford

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